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Several million dollars invested in experiences

In the following you can see – just for information – some of the most gigantic installations (fixed event components) worldwide.

Starting with “only” six million US dollars up to almost 200 million US dollars.

Of course this is only “the tip of the iceberg”.

Of course, we are also active for much smaller Euro amounts (so that you don’t get scared right away…).

Here we will only show the flagships once to demonstrate the enormous possibilities of the event technology offered here on this site.

This installation cost 6 million US dollars (and brought us first place in the IAAPA awards)

These terms are usually used to describe a certain number (which can reach up to several thousand) of individual water fountains, which are arranged next to and/or behind each other and which often produce different heights (i.e. water levels) and different geometric-aesthetic symmetrical shapes (formations).
These water fountains can be used both rigidly and movably.

In the rigid form, the water jet exits either vertically upwards or at an arbitrarily adjustable angle, which can be adjusted by means of so-called spherical head nozzles – for each nozzle individually and independently. With Oxygon, moreover, each individual water nozzle (i.e. each individual water jet) is also individually and independently adjustable in height. In addition, a flow regulator integrated in each nozzle improves the jet pattern and thus the appearance of the water fountain.

Movable water fountains come in different shapes. Probably the simplest is the single nozzle, which rotates around its own axis like a gyroscope.

Another form is the swivel nozzle, which can execute movements to the left and right like a windshield wiper. These movements can either be continuous (as with a windshield wiper), or they can be aimed at a specific angle, at which the water fountain can also stop. The swivel nozzle can be used either on a single water jet or in synchronous groups of water jets.

Another form of movable water jets are rotation jets, also called pirouettes. Six individual nozzles mounted on a rotating sphere and adjusted in a curved fashion rotate around a rigid individual fountain located centrally on the sphere. This rotation can either be achieved by the back thrust of the water jets (which is normally standard) or electrically generated by a motor.

A refinement of the effect of water fountains is achieved by illuminating them. The water jet is illuminated with a colored underwater spotlight in all colors of the rainbow. However, during the day any lighting is of no use at all. Against the sunlight/daylight almost no man-made light source can reach…

With Oxygon, each of the water shows is presented synchronized to music (music controlled). This gives the viewer the impression that the music controls and activates each individual water jet (which it actually does). The synchronous, symmetrical interaction of music, colorfully illuminated water jets and 3D laser effects fascinates everyone. And if laser, video and slide projections are then added to a water screen (vertical surface of water used as a projection screen), no one remains unimpressed and unmoved.