laser shows

What to consider when buying a laser show or renting a laser show

From the point of view of probably most people, a laser show should be one thing above all else:

Exciting, thrilling, entertaining, unique, captivating.

The harmonic symmetry of patterns and shapes seen simultaneously and consecutively.

It is not uncommon that the spectator gets a senseless, contentless, wild “fidgeting” of laser beams and laser shapes (laser forms) as a supposedly great laser show.

It just happens “something” – the main thing is that you can call it laser.

But how pleasant, how charming, how entertaining would a laser show look, if colors and shapes would merge harmoniously and symmetrically?

If the whole thing, from the point of view of aesthetics and art, both delicate and sweeping, merged harmoniously into each other, alternating with each other?

The human eye feels flattered by this form of art.

The “soul” feels caressed.

And when all this takes place, even milli-microseconds exactly to the beat and dynamics of a well-chosen piece of music, quasi synchronized to music – then the enthusiasm of the audience knows no end.

Because even the greatest “philistine” recognizes the inner aesthetics, the cohesion, the harmony of what he has just been allowed to see.

Simply a delight for the five-year-old granddaughter as well as for the 95-year-old great-grandfather.

No matter whether wealthy or bitterly poor, black or white, fat or thin, male or female, tall or short, cleaning man or business owner.

A small impression of what is described can be gained by watching the following recording of a laser show: