Free floating and upward falling real water drops

Drop Miracle, Floating Pearls, Pearl Effect

It is actually real water and not a projection.

You can put your hand in and convince yourself of it “on your own body”.

I find it especially exciting when you hold a stone in it while the drops of water slowly fall down in slow motion.

Then you can actually watch how such a drop of water shatters on the stone in slow motion. Read this sentence again and visualize it.

And as if all this wasn’t crazy enough, the incredible experience is now dramatically enhanced:

You now change the direction of fall so that the water drops now fall upwards.

Can you guess what happens now?

The drop of water that has just shattered on the stone is “repaired” again. This means that you can now clearly see a process live that you would only see on a video running backwards…

The drop of water, which has just been shattered, becomes whole again and falls back up to where it came from just a moment ago!

Yes, you are already reading correctly. Please read what you have just said again very slowly and attentively…

You can repeat the whole thing as many times as you like – back and forth, up and down (in between, unbelievingly put your finger back in to check if you can trust your eyes). As often as you like. Drops break up in slow motion and become whole again at your command. Infinitely often, if you like (I bet you won’t be able to stop it at all…).

So you see and observe something that normally can only be made visible with high speed cameras.

This “madman” from Oxygon (developed and patented in long research work) does not only make children’s eyes pop out, but also highly educated people like physics professors scratch their heads in amazement and shake them full of disbelief. And like everyone else, they can no longer tear themselves away from it…

Together we see – and feel – something that CANNOT be true. There is simply no such thing!

Physics and the laws of nature are deliberately turned upside down at the push of a button by your intervention, without any explanation…

In the table version (e.g. for the desk, reception counter, etc.), the device is already a feast for the eyes without any restrictions.

Still a secret:

The very latest development and testing of another levitation effect, in which both water drops and polystyrene pellets float freely in the air. A completely new technical approach with a completely different technique like the floating water drops seen above:

These floating water droplets were created in several years of research and development work. Using high-precision elements from the field of medical technology, we have succeeded in making real water drops look as if they were either floating freely in the middle of space, falling upwards at various adjustable speeds or – also adjustable at various speeds – falling downwards.

One of the effects I like most about these floating water pearls is the way they fall down in slow motion.

It looks incredibly amazing, crazy and almost unbelievable when you hold a stone in the water drops and then really see in slow motion how the water on the surface of the stone breaks up very, very slowly into thousands of water molecules. You can see the tiny fragments of the shattering water droplet flying away in slow motion in all directions, just like in the film. And the best thing is: You can even stop the shattering in mid-movement, move it back and forth, just play with it and enjoy the fascinating sight.

Now a surprising, unbelievable sequence of effects awaits you: At the push of a button you can also undo this effect. Yes, you can change the water drop that has just shattered back into a whole drop very slowly, just like in a film running backwards.

And you can repeat this as long as you like. Turn the knob to the left side, the drop runs backwards back to the top. Turn the knob to the right and the drop will fall down again – slower or faster depending on the knob position. As often as you like.

You have to see something like this first to understand what is going on before your eyes. You don’t believe your senses, because you see something that should not exist physically.

But if you put your hand or a finger into the water to check it, you feel the humidity of the water and you realize incredulously and surprisingly that it is really only pure, clear water and not e.g. only a projection of water or some other illusion.

An effect that is not only suitable as an eye-catcher for fairs and exhibitions, openings, parties, events, weddings etc., but also as a purchase object for your own living room, consulting room, waiting room or office.

So far, the Floating Water Drops have only been sold a handful of times in Europe, so they are still an absolute rarity!