3D Holograms

Oxygon hologram video

Three-dimensional holography - projections for your event

One of the amazing ways to impress and amaze your visitors, guests, friends and spectators is the 3D projection of a hologram (holographic projection).

The audience sees something that is normally not possible at all. Something that turns physics upside down and does not even exist in reality.

Anyone who has ever been to Universal Studios Hollywood or Disneyland Theme Park in Florida could experience our holographic 3D projection live and first-hand.

(Also on concerts we have caused astonishment with holograms.)

You can get a certain impression by watching the following video.

It is obvious that such productions are much more expensive than the usual products and services on this site…

Holograms for the king (our customer)

Holograms, Fata Morganas – who has not heard these terms before.

But relatively few people have ever seen such a thing in real life.

Perhaps as a non-existent puddle of water on the highway.

Or – more familiar – as an oasis or lake in the desert.

Even in science fiction movies like Star Trek.

Princess Leia as a small hologram should be well known to every fan of future scenarios.

But in daily life…

Rather rarely to be found.

The more interesting it seems, if you can actually observe a colored, moving 3D hologram.

It shakes reality. Creates the perfect illusion.

When you can let your hand reach into nothing, even though the eye signals unmistakably and without doubt:

There IS something!


I can see it!

With some Oxygon holograms you can even walk around in 360 degrees. From all sides, from above, from below you can clearly see an object.

And this in all details, in color, with shades, scratches, unevenness.

Totally real.

No doubt, says the eye, there definitely IS something. I can see it!

One reaches back into it.

And again the hand reaches into emptiness, into nothing.

For in TRUTH, in REALITY, there is indeed nothing there.

Except air.

Imagine figuratively the following:

A person runs towards you – and simply runs through you.

Like a ghost, a ghost.

Or, a sports car driving towards you at full acceleration.

True to reality!

You CAN (!!!) not even recognize that this is a holographic 3D projection of Oxygon.

You want to jump to the side like a reflex, but the car is faster – and drives through you.

A heart attack could happen…

Have you ever been to Disneyland Florida?

They have a movie there.

It’s a 3D hologram.

It shows a professor doing experiments with mice in a laboratory.

And suddenly, by accident, the mice escape from the lab.

They run criss-cross through the film projection room.

Anyone can see them scampering – in 3D, so to speak in real life.

And as if that wasn’t scary enough, everyone present can feel something scurrying past their ankles. You can REALLY (!!!) feel a breeze on your ankle!

What is going on in these spectators?

Have you ever experienced it live and in color at Disneyland Florida (our client)?

Or watch the video here on this page with the whale landing on the floor of a gym in front of the audience.

Then you might better understand the unbelievable, unbelievable, tremendous impression that a moving, colored Oxygon 3D hologram makes.

We currently offer seven different versions of 3D holograms, depending on the location, strategy and budget.

Even the smallest 3D holograms with a size of about one centimeter can be realized.

Mind you, with 360 degree panoramic view, and also outdoors in bright sunlight (the brighter the surroundings, the better the hologram is visible in this version).

Give us a call, let’s discuss your ideas and needs together, let’s spin and fantasize together like little children.

It will not cost you any money!

By the way, do you know what the most beautiful thing is?

With 3D holography there are no limits.

The craziest monsters, mythical creatures, elves, mermaids, prototypes, inventions – everything is possible!

And looks ab-so-lut realistic!

A perfect dream world, brought to life.

There is nothing that cannot be realized!

Do you already have good ideas that we can realize together?

Then go ahead, do not hesitate and contact me!

Oh, by the way, the oversized tablet in Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise in the leading role is from our company…

It was an early version of Oxygon Holography…