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Oxygon Emotion Experts AG

Event Technology Services since 1972

We design international emotions. Services Made in Germany.

Our Event Technology Services

Oxygon Emotion Experts AG stands for futuristic event technology services & breathtaking events since 1972.

Our services range from animated or moving 3D projections in the sky, moving and walkable 3D holograms even in daylight, to floating water drops in the air that seemingly defy gravity.

You have dreams, fantasies, visions? We turn them into reality.

You do not know what you want to inspire your audience with? We have the ideas. For over 48 years.

Contact us now without obligation and benefit from our expertise in event technology. We will be happy to advise you.

event technology
Veranstaltungstechnik mit allen Sinnen erleben


We at Oxygon Emotion Experts AG do not build simple event technology, others can do that.

We create realities.

For more than 48 years we have been creating astonishment in event technology solutions around the globe.


Your vision is our success.

You wish, we do. We do not know any limits, neither physically nor emotionally.

We create incomparable highlights in event technology.

Our range of services:

  • 3D sky projection
  • Water and fire illusion
  • Jumping Jets
  • Frequency Stimulation
  • …and much more

Contact us for more information.


Either your viewers are thrilled or we will refund your money.

Oxygon Emotion Experts AG stands for quality.

We do not want less. We cannot do less.

We are reliable by tradition. We promise you a smooth process:

From transport, to assembly, to the show.

All from one source.


We bring seemingly impossible impressions to you worldwide.

No matter where: Whether on the strip in Las Vegas or Dubai.

With us you get unforgettable event technology services right to your door.


For whom is our technology event show suitable?

From private weddings with less than 100 people, to mega-events with 1,000,000 spectators. We offer unlimited possibilities for countless fascinated faces through unusual highlights.

With our event technology you can highlight your product or company in an unusual way or magically attract trade fair visitors to your stand like a magnet.

Offer your audience an impressive show, which they will not only never forget, but will be remembered with you and your company.

Our events are specially designed to appeal to the emotions and feelings of your audience. With all senses.

We are also broadly positioned for company anniversaries and have been fascinating for years with our event technologies.

  • Fair or exhibition
  • Company anniversary
  • Event
  • Wedding
  • Opening
  • Presentation
  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Congress
  • Road Show
  • Ceremonial act/gala
  • Actions at the POS
  • Open day
  • Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Fair or exhibition
  • Presentation of product and company
  • Special effect for film & television

Event Media Technology by Oxygon

You are owner or marketing manager of a company. Or you work for the city administration.

You have a big, important event coming up. For example a company anniversary. Or a special company celebration. A city festival. Or your company exhibits its products and services at a trade fair.

Maybe you just want to motivate your best employees or dealers. Or reward them.

Often in such a situation you are faced with the question:

What can I still do to make the “big day” something very special?

Something exciting has to be done, something striking, extraordinary. All participants should be completely enthusiastic. It must be firmly engraved in their subconscious. They should speak positively of this event for a long time. Remember it pleasantly.

But what is best suited for this? What tools are available for this?

This website should give you some helpful answers to this question: We have been helping companies, entertainment stars, institutions and individuals since 1972 by developing, renting and selling solutions.

As you can see from our list of references, we have succeeded in doing this with a number of companies around the world.

Would you like to see how our solutions can help you with your challenges? Get in contact with us, have the courage to do so. It does not cost money.

We were allowed to convince these names and brands of our technology services for events

Some of our previous happy customers since 1972:

Michael Jackson | David Copperfield | Paul McCartney | Ozzy Osbourne | George Michael | Playboy | Vangelis | Boeing | Disneyland | Universal Studios Hollywood | King of Saudi Arabia | Sultan of Oman | Gov. of Luxembourg | Gov. of Hongkong | Gov of. Kasachstan | Gov. of Usbekistan | Gov. of Russia | Procter & Gamble | Steven Spielberg | Lido Paris | Paramount Pictures | Scorpions | Aberdeen Proving Grounds, US Army | Casino Magic, Biloxi, Mississippi | Dallas Museum of Art | Dinosaur Exhibit at New Mexico Museum | Duty Free Shop, Honolulu, Hawaii | Expo ’93 – Taejon, Korea | Kepco Pavilion | Goldstar Pavilion | Gov. of Korea Pavillion | Paseo de la Artes, Dominican Republic | Expo ’88 | Pavilion of Promise | Expo ’86 | Douglas Aircraft | Japan Pavilion | Pavilion of Promise | The Festival Fountain at The Forum Shops, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas | Guri Dam, Caracas, Venezuela | IBM showroom, Florida | Kennedy Space Center | Luxor Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas | Front Feature Design | Main Hall Display | Sega Arcade | Madame Tussaud’s | London Planetarium, England | Pacific Design Center | Sendai City, NASA Pavilion | Sendai City, Japan (3-D theater) | Southern California Gas Exhibit | Museum of Science & Industry, Los Angeles | La Curacao Department Store, Los Angeles | Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim | ARAMCO Museum, Saudi Arabia | Terminator2-3D – The Ride, Universal Studios Hollywood, LA | Apple Computers | Avon | Archipas | Asche AG | BASF | Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe BVG | Coca-Cola | Deutsche Telekom | Goretex | Hansgrohe | HP | IBM | Mazda | Mc Donald´s | Motorola | Panasonic | Proteco Marketing | Sony | Stadtgrün Bremen | Stadt Ludwigshafen | Stiebel Eltron | Verschiedene Stadtsparkassen | Toshiba | Toyota | VSA-Unternehmensgruppe | Volkswagen AG | Wilhelmshavener Gas- und Strombetriebe | Zamek